Fundraising Resources

As well as your running and fundraising packs, we'll be updating this fundraising resources section with some tips to help you raise as much money as you can in the best (and funnest!) possible ways. Keep your eyes peeled for new advice videos, blogs and materials!
Marathon Training Tips- How to Survive!

For beginners, or even repeat runners,  starting to train can be a nerve wracking experience, and you might be struggling to know where to start. This video is for beginners and gives you some great survival tips that you might not have thought of.

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Marathon Training - Five Top Running Tips
You'll need lots of tips and advice before you start your marathon training, and this video gives you a few of the basics.  Do you know what junk miles are? Find out here.

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Running Warm Up with Blake Leeper 

A great video on how to warm up for a long run with Paralympic 400m Silver and 200m bronze medalist, Blake Leeper! A definite must watch. 

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After Running Stretches

 Stretching before and after you exercise is incredibly important to keep up a healthy training plan. Watch this video to check you are stretching out all the vital muscles to prevent injuries and strains.

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Your Diet Whilst Training

A short video giving you a few basics on what to eat before, after and during your training- make sure you aren't doing it wrong!

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